Create an organization + commercial product that contributes to one of UN's 17 sustainability goals

22 million illegal abortions take place every year. Five million of them end up at the hospital and another three million never get needed medical care. Almost 50 000 women and girls lose their life. That is more than five abortion related deaths every hour. 
No one should have to risk their life because a democratic (and human) right has been taken away from you. Still, it happens 22 million times a year. Therefore I created the organisation 0:22. 
0:22's primary goal is to call attention to the subject and to point out that this happens in countries that do not differ much from our own - in Europe and across the Atlantic. The organisation also aims to emphasize that the decisions are made by people who will never have to take the consequences. 

0:22 uses guerrilla marketing to shake people when they are not really prepared. It is a wake up call in three different forms - in European cities, in the fast-fashion shopping environment and wherever there is place for a sticker or two. 

Wake up call 1: PLACARDS 

Large European cities within countries with severe abortions laws 

Put up on statues of dudes in conjunction with major events, to point out that the abortions laws probably would look a lot different if these people could get pregnant. The messages on the placards are written in the language of the country in question.

Example: The Bobby Moore statue outside of Wembley Stadium during a major sporting event. There is a clear target group to adapt the material to (in this case sport enthusiastis - locker room talk).  

Wake up call 2: DIY ABORTION KIT 

Fast-fashion chain

A "what the..." moment during the everyday shopping ritual. An easy way to support the organisations and it's cause and something to bring home, reminding the buyer of the organisation and the abortion issue even at home in the closet.

Wake up call 3: THE LIFE RECEIPT 

Land of stars and stripes

Stickers put on lamp posts, walls and other easily accessible and visible surfaces. Addresses the issue and refers to the organisations for further information (Of course mr President could not be left completely out of this)
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